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Earth tu Face


Earth tu Face began with two herbalists, a garden and the intention to create skincare that is 100% natural, using only pure plant based ingredients. Earth tu Face is completely free of toxins and synthetic compounds. From the beginning, Marina and Sarah have grown their skin care line from the ground up. They began making products by intentionally choosing plants from their organic herb garden that heal, feed and rejuvenate skin cells. These botanicals are then combined with organic, food-grade oils such as coconut and olive. The formulated products are concentrated and diluted with zero water, alcohol or synthetic additives.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: plant based + food grade ingredients
GMO FREE: no use or support of genetic modification
CRUELTY FREE: no animal testing
WASTE NOT: reusable, compostable, repurposed + recyclable packaging - only glass and paper, no plastic
TRUTH + TRANSPARENCY in all business practices

100% Pure Earth. Made in California.

[Authorized retailer of Earth tu Face. All products guaranteed authentic.]

Our Story

Toronto’s green beauty destination, offering a carefully curated collection of natural and certified organic cosmetics + skin care. Bringing organic luxury to men and women who are looking for clean natural products.

Join the green beauty revolution.

Unleash your organic self.

Unleash beauty.


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