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Sudsatorium TLC Toner Water


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Sudsatorium's most potent toning water for dealing with the most problematic of skin. Made with wondrous tea tree, toning organic grapefruit and detoxifying eucalyptus water to effectively treat oily, combination, and blemish-prone skin. Sudsatorium ditched the drying alcohol found in most toners and replaced it with natural botanical extracts to benefit your skin. Antimicrobial tea tree helps banish troublesome imperfections, making it the ideal choice for faces in need of a little T-L-C.


Suitable for all skin types, especially breakout and blemish-prone skin.


HOW TO USE: Spray directly on your face (eyes closed please!) or dab it on using a cotton ball after cleansing, making sure to remove any excess. To tighten pores, allow the toner to air dry.


Handmade with ethically sourced, fresh organic vegan ingredients. Cruelty-free cosmetics where 5% of proceeds proudly go to grassroots charities.


125ml / 4.2 fl.oz


Ingredients: Fresh Organic Australian Tea Tree Water, Fresh Organic Grapefruit Water, Fresh Organic Eucalyptus Water.

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